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Mar 22, 2012 11:00am EDT
wildcats look to avenge an early season loss to indiana on friday night in atlanta. north carolina enters week two with a big concern at point guard. its top play maker kendall marshall broke his wrist in the second round last weekend. his status is uncertain. joining me from charlotte, jay bilas, he is a college basketball analyst for espn and a world-class attorney. i am pleased to have him back on this program for march madness. welcome. >> thank you, charlie. great to be with you, as always. >> rose: what do you think of the tournament so far as predicted with a couple of exceptions, missouri, duke, and a few others. >> yeah, it's been a little bit volatile in spots. this is the first time 11 years we've had a number-two seed upset. there have only been four of those leading into this year's tournament since 1985 and then we have to in the same tournament with both missouri and duke going down to 15 seeds. we've never had a 15th seed win a game after that in the history of the tournament. no 16 has ever won and the margin of victory in those games keeps growing. i think over th
Mar 8, 2012 8:00am EST
indiana, and i do not want to scare her. i was at the doctor's office the other day. i am fine, mom. i was complaining about something, and i said to my doctor, i would like to get this tested, and he thought it made sense and called the insurance company and asked them. it was being done for preventative measure. they absolutely refused to pay for it, so i am thinking, i am tavis smiley. maybe if i get on the phone, maybe i can talk tm into it. after all, i am the guy who pays the premiums. so i get on the telephone and try to talk them into it, and they would absolutely not budge on paying for this, and i found myself in a huge fight on the phone with my own insurance about what they would not pay for something that i was asking to have done for a preventive measure and absolutely would not do it. upset. it made me live in the other day. the point is, and there it is not any money in prevention. >> there are certain things that we ignore and do not do, and then there are certain things that doctors very frequently get into and start advocating that we actually do not have science to
Mar 7, 2012 11:00pm EST
the n.f.l. it truly has been an honor to play in indianapolis indiana. i do love it here. i love the fans and i will always enjoy having played for such a great team. i will leave the colts with nothing but good thoughts and gratitude to jim, the organization, my teammates, the media, and especially the fans. >> rose: joining me now is peter king. so when you watch this... makes you want to cry, doesn't it? >> i got a little choked up watching it today. it was... what was so interesting about it is that peyton manning is not an emotional person. at least not in games, not... you know, he doesn't get choked up. he is... he prides himself on being in control of every situation, of every setting. if i'm told peyton's going to call you today and you got 30 minutes, i made sure to look down at my watch at the 25-minute mark. and if there were questions i absolutely had to get in, i got them in in the next five minutes because he was a real stickler about being punctual and all that. >> rose: he was going to stop it after 30 minutes? >> not necessarily. if he was enjoying it, he was going
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)